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October 2023 – 4x.7.0 Update

New feature release: Monday, October 23rd, 2023, 10:00pm EDT 

New Functionality for Password Fields 

Enhancements have been made to the password field to allow users to view the password being entered. If the password is visible and the screen is left idle for 10 seconds, it will revert to being invisible.   

Revised Enable Two Factor Authentication Process 

We’ve revised the two factor authentication set-up page to make the set-up process a little easier to understand and navigate through. Each step will have its own page, which can easily be navigated through before the final confirmation step is completed. For more details, please see this help article. 

View Administrators that have Two Factor Authentication Enabled 

On the Manage Administrators page at both Account and Enterprise levels, it is now possible to see an extra column that details which administrators in your organization have two factor authentication turned on in their profile.   

New Administrator Badges 

We’ve added new Champion and Security badges that are specific to administrator profiles.   

The Security badge is automatically given once an administrator has set up two factor authentication in their profile. The Champion badge will be given to those who complete our new 5-week Champion’s program. If you are interested, please visit betterimpact.com/badges to find out more and sign up! 

Changes to the Personal Profile Raw Data Report 

Include Date of Most Recent Hours Entry 

Administrators can now include the date of the most recent hours entry for volunteers when running a Personal Profile Raw Data report.  

Default Column Selection  

When running a Personal Profile Raw Data report, only the first and last name columns will be checked by default. Any required fields in this section can be checked if required from here. 

Google Analytics – V3 (Universal Analytics) No Longer Supported 

For organizations that have integrated google analytics for their public pages, version 3 is no longer supported and updating to version 4 will be required for this integration to continue.   

We’ve added a message to the admin home screen to alert administrators that still have version 3 applied, so the required changes can be made.  For assistance with updating this please see this help article. 

Users Associated with Removed Modules are No Longer Visible 

If your account has multiple modules applied, such as Volunteer Impact, Client Impact, Donor Impact and/or Member Impact, previous historical module associations displayed next to the names of users in search results will no longer be displayed if one of those modules was removed from your account. 

Bulk General Interest Management 

Administrators can now add or remove General Interests from volunteer profiles in bulk. To learn more about how to use this new feature please see this help article

Copy General Interest 

Just like Custom Fields and Qualifications, General Interests can now be copied. Doing so will copy all the existing settings and content for the applicable General Interest; just the name of the new General Interest will need to be specified. There is also a new limited admin role permission for this feature. Step by step instructions for this new feature can be found in this help article.  

Bulk Update Personal Message 

Personal Messages can now be updated or removed in bulk allowing you to add the same message to multiple profiles at the same time. For more details, see this help article. 

Custom Field Search Criteria 

For date type Custom Fields, you can now select a “between (annually)” match type allowing you to search custom field dates regardless of the year.  

Updated Logic for Qualifications Associated with eLearning Modules  

If a volunteer completes an eLearning module and they already have the qualification level with an expiry date beyond the “valid for” days selected for that module, their expiry date will remain the same. If the qualification level changes after completing the module, then the expiry date will be updated.    

The Retake Days limit for eLearning modules has been updated from 120 days to 365 days.  

Downloadable Comparisons Chart  

In Volunteer Impact it is now possible to download the chart displayed on the comparisons page found under Reports. The chart displayed for the chosen period can be downloaded in a range of different formats. For more details, please see this help article. 

For organizations that utilize Sterling Volunteers, it is now easier to share a link to initiate a background check with your volunteers. This function is only accessible from within the profile of a volunteer once the background check’s status is set to ‘submitted’.  To learn more about this new function, please see this help article. 

Additional Fields when Adding Activity Shifts 

When adding a single shift or multiple to an existing activity, the minimum and maximum volunteers required fields specific to the shift(s) can now be set.  If the activity that the shift(s) are being added to has the auto lock function enabled, the maximum field can be updated in addition to the minimum field. If the auto lock is disabled, then only the minimum field can be edited. 

Improvements to Timeclock Search Criteria  

When conducting a search, we’ve updated the time clock status page within the add search criteria window. It is now possible to add filters to display volunteers on the timeclock for a specific activity category or an activity. For more information, please see this help article.  

Updates to Donor Impact  

Donation receipts now include the middle initial of the donor, if one is recorded in their profile. 

When recording donations in a donor’s profile, there are two new fields – Advantage Description and Appraiser Address.   

  • The Advantage Description field is intended to record a description of why there is an ineligible donation amount if applicable 
  • The Appraiser Address field is to record the address of the person that is appraising the donation   

Receipts for donations to Canadian organizations have some revisions to existing language to bring it in line with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. In-kind Description has been changed to “Description of Property Received “and the ”Address of Appraiser” and “Description of Advantage” fields are also displayed on Canadian receipts. 

These new fields will also be displayed on the Donation Raw Data Report in the basic fields section.  

Additionally, the formatting of Donations search criteria has been updated to make them easier to read.  

Other Updates 

  • For our French users, when using the quick search to Find Help, links to our English help articles will now display providing access to our entire collection of help articles 
  • Improvements were made to the process for removing a module from Custom Fields and Custom Field Headers 
  • When users are filtering for files on MyImpactPage, a message will display to them if there are no files that match their filters 
  • You can now filter by module on the Custom Field approvals page 
  • When viewing email or SMS history, the recipients count can be clicked to view a full list of recipients 
Updated on October 23, 2023

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