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June 2021 – 4x.2 Update

Status Update Upgrade 

All status circles within the Status Update section of the Administrator Home Page are now hyperlinked. If the green circle has a number in it, you can click on it. Accepted/Active, Inactive and Archived circles will take admins straight to the People >> Search page for the related status, while Applicant and In Process will still direct admins to the relevant management pages within the organization’s account. 

Donation Receipt Branding Options 

Donation receipts can now represent your brand with their very own banner, custom colors and fonts. To add a little flair and style to your receipts, check out this link.

Donation Receipt Bulk Downloads 

Save yourself and your donors time by using this new feature. Donation receipt can now be downloaded in bulk by an admin through a donor’s profile, or using the Manage Donations page. Additionally, donors can bulk download their own receipts by logging into myimpactpage.com. Check out this article for more information!

Enterprise: Manage Organization Administrator Access and Settings 

Full Enterprise Administrators can now control the access and administrator settings, Organization Administrators have in the various sub-accounts, using this new feature available at the Enterprise level. Please have a Full Enterprise Administrator reach out to your friendly Better Impact Support Team if you would like this option added to your account.

Updated on September 28, 2022

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