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January 2021 – 4X Update

Here’s a message from Tony Goodrow, our CEO, to walk you through some of the 4X changes.

Favorites List 

Favorites enable administrators to create their own custom list of pages they frequently visit, and would benefit from having access to with only one click.

Improved Quick Search 

The expanded Quick Search Bar options enable administrators to quickly search for people, help articles, and their organizations (if they are an administrator in more than one). In addition, administrators can use the navigation search to find the specific features they need to perform tasks within the software. The different search options can be selected by clicking on them with your mouse, or by using shortcuts.  

Timeclock Acceptance Policy 

In response to feedback, we have received during this time of Covid, the new Timeclock Acceptance Policy feature was created. This option allows administrators to require volunteers to agree to one or more policies before accessing the timeclock. We are excited about the possibilities for this new feature now and in the future, as it will ensure administrators can get timely information to their volunteers every time, they access the clock. 

Volunteer Badges for Hours and Anniversaries 

Badges are symbols of achievement or proficiency for your volunteers. This free motivational program, enables organizations to now award volunteers for contributing a specified number of hours or years of service, in addition to qualification levels.  

Administrator Communication Preferences 

Keep in the know with the latest software and industry communications by selecting which email communication you wish to receive from the Better Impact team.

Send Test Email 

If you want to preview an email before sending it, administrators now have the option to send a test email to themselves first.  

Printing e-Learning Modules 

While previewing their e-learning modules, administrators will now have the option to print using the new icon at the top right corner of the preview window.

View Qualifications Associated with eLearning Modules 

In addition to seeing which Activities a Qualification is associated with, administrators can also now quickly pull up a list of Associated eLearning Modules

Determining Whether a Volunteer Can/Cannot see an Activity 

When reviewing whether a volunteer should be able to see an Activity through their profile, administrators will now be able to click on two buttons [View Qualification Details] or [View Visibility Details] to see what is required for the activity, and if the volunteer has the matching requirements to be able to view the activity. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Scheduled Days of the Week 

Similarly, to the view volunteers have of their schedules, administrators will now see the day of the week listed next to the date when viewing a volunteer’s schedule.

Client Impact: Clients Associated with Activities 

Administrators can now add a new Search Criteria, to search for clients that are either associated or not associated with activities. Please note, that Limited Administrator Roles must have both the Client and Volunteer modules selected for this search feature to be an option in the Capabilities section.

Client Impact Administrators will also notice a new Raw Data Report to help them capture these associations. The Clients and Associated Activities Raw Data report can be found in the sidebar menu in the reporting section under Client Reports.

Donor Impact: Sortable Donation Lists 

When logged into their profile, donors can now sort their donation list by date, program or donation amount. 

Enterprise: Add New Administrator at the Enterprise Level 

New Administrators can now be added at the Enterprise Level in addition to being promoted from one of the associated Organization accounts. 

All New Training Videos

We’ve redone all of our original Better Impact training videos, in a way we think will expedite finding exactly the help you’re looking for.

All videos are available at https://www.betterimpact.tv/vi-training-all/

We are also in the process of creating similar help videos for Donor Impact, Client Impact, and Member Impact, so stay tuned!

Step by Step How-To Articles

We’ve also given our help articles a facelift. Welcome to our new help site!

Our new help site has many new features, including a more user friendly navigation, a clickable table of contents on each help article, and the ability for you to let us know if the article was useful to you. We’ve also added related articles in the sidebar.

Updated on April 14, 2021

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