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May 2023 – 4x.6.1 Update

New feature release: Monday, May 8th, 2023, 10:00pm EDT 

Update Timeclock End Time for Multiple Volunteers 

Administrators can now set an end time in bulk for volunteers currently clocked in. For more details please see this help article

Mobile App Enhancements 

  • Volunteers are now notified if they are not qualified for an activity  
  • In the Files section there are now collapsible folders with hide/show all functionality  
  • The Help link is now accessible to volunteers within the mobile app 
  • Enterprise News and Birthday Messages are now displayed in their own section above the organization content 

Other Updates 

  • Various improvements to the Personal Profile Raw Data Report page including a [Save User Search] button at the bottom of the report page 
  • The support chat icon will be hidden automatically when covering some elements including paging controls 
  • Improved performance of the user search results page 
  • The header drop-down list on the Bulk Update User Custom Field page now displays enterprise fields first followed by organization custom fields 
  • Improvements to the interactive sample form including a cap locks warning and a forgot password link 
  • Fixed spacing on both the interactive sample and real application form 
  • Volunteers will now see a warning when replacing a file in a custom field that saving their change will replace the original file 
Updated on June 16, 2023

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