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May 2024 – 4x.9.0 Update

New feature release: Monday, May 13th, 2024, 10:00pm EDT

Custom Fields Visible on User Dashboard  

Administrators can now view select Custom Fields on the Dashboard of user profiles allowing for easier access to important information and eliminating the need to scroll through a list of Custom Fields to find it. The Profile Dashboard is a feature available only on Volunteer and Donor profiles. To learn more about this feature and how to add Custom Fields to the dashboard please see this help article.  

Additional settings have been added under Configuration >> User Profile Dashboard Settings which will determine who has access to viewing this information. For example, it would be possible to grant limited administrators who do not currently have access to viewing Custom Fields, the ability to view only the Custom Fields set to display on the Profile Dashboard. 

It will also be possible to allow limited administrators to see information that lies outside of the modules they currently have access to. On the User Profile Dashboard Settings page, you will see separate selections to determine the visibility of dashboard Custom Fields as well as module specific information such as ‘Most Recent Contribution’ and “First Donated”. 

More information can be found within the User Profile Dashboard Settings help article. 

Name Tag Wizard 

The Name Tag Wizard allows you to create personalized documents for your users such as Name Tags, ID Badges, Certificates and more! After selecting the data you want included on your name tag, you can customize your design and add additional images and text if desired. A variety of information can be pulled from user profiles to be included such as profile pictures, Timeclock QR codes, Qualifications, Custom Fields, pronouns and so much more! 

Click here to learn more about the Name Tag Wizard. 

API Updates 

New End Points 

  • Users by ID List 
  • Single Timelog Entry 
  • Timelog entries by filtering 
  • Timelog entries by ID list 

New Lookups 

  • Lookup Activity Categories 
  • Lookup Organizations 
  • Lookup Activity Report Groups 
  • Lookup Qualifications 
  • Lookup Custom Fields 
  • Feedback Fields 

For more information please see these help articles: API and API – Lookup

Other Updates 

  • Texting capabilities for Turks and Caicos Islands  
  • When viewing an entity such as a Custom Field or Qualification the description field will have a button allowing you to toggle your background to light or dark allowing for better visibility when in dark or classic mode
  • When viewing a donation subscription within the MyImpact app, it is now easier for Donors to download the donation receipts associated with that subscription
Updated on May 13, 2024

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