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March 2022 – 4x.4 Update

New feature release: Monday, March 28th, 2022, 10:00pm EST 

Accessibility Checker

Rich text boxes now enable administrators to check if the content they are creating meets accessibility guidelines and will direct administrators to specific help pages if they are not met. To find out more about how to ensure your content is accessible to more users, please click this link

Enterprise: Volunteer Anniversary Calculations

The Enterprise Personal Profile Raw Data report and Anniversary Badges created at the Enterprise level, will now ignore start dates if the profile has a status of “Archived – Didn’t Start” or “Archived – Rejected”, and provide information based upon profile associations only presumed to have been started. 

Example: “Volunteer A” is “Accepted” in Sub-account 1 with a date joined of 03/01/2021; and “Archived – Didn’t Start” in Sub-account 2 with a date joined of 04/13/2019, then all of the calculations based upon the date joined will be based upon 03/01/2021. 

Updated Messaging when Editing Activities

In Volunteer Impact, new messaging has been added to the activity settings window, which appears when making an activity inactive.  This is a reminder for administrators that making activities inactive, does not prevent hours being logged by volunteers and the hours logging setting will need to be turned off.  

Numeric Feedback Field Badges

Badge possibilities are expanding again with the addition of numeric feedback field badges. Just like with the Lifetime Hours and Anniversary badges, these will be given to any volunteers that reach the threshold specified for that specific badge.

Timeclock branding is also gaining the ability to customize the theme of the footer. Now the timeclock page can be branded from top to bottom.

Express Timeclock Improvements

Express Timeclock users will notice a new change with this release as well, with the addition of a mirror option. This will improve readability of the QR codes for volunteers who use this method to log in. For more information on QR code readability, please check out this link.

Donor Impact: New Donation Channel – Stripe

New payment option in Donor Impact! It is now possible to integrate the Stripe payments platform into your account for receiving donations, in addition to Paypal. 

This added channel, makes it easier and quicker for individuals to make donations, particularly for those using Google Pay or Apple Pay accounts.   

For organizations that have both Paypal and Stripe donations integrated in their account, there are now additional columns to include in Donation Raw Data Reports, to breakdown the online donation source. You will also notice an additional Source drop down filter, to indicate the type of online donation, in the Manage Donations section when editing or viewing donations. 

Sterling Volunteers (Canada)

Organizations based in Canada can now integrate Sterling Volunteers in their account for running background checks on their volunteers.  For more information on how this can work for your organization, please review this article or open a support chat with us.  

Please note: This integration is only available for organizations that have a Sterling Volunteers account.  


Not a robot? We are going to ask you to prove it with the implementation of a new ReCaptcha. You will see a new logo on any page you are logging into, or when you are resetting a username or password through the login pages. But don’t worry, proving your human-ness will be easy to do, just check the box and continue as you normally would. 

Updated on March 31, 2022

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