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Change Activity Active Status

About this feature: Changing an activity’s status will impact its visibility on the volunteers’ opportunity list/calendar and some reports, but will retain the scheduling information (including current assignments). 

  1. Go to: Configuration, then click on “Manage Activities” found in the sidebar under Activities 
  1. Choose the desired filters in the top panel to search for the activities you wish to change. For example:
    • If you want to re-activate Inactive activities, filter for those activities with a Status of “Inactive” 
    • If you want to inactivate activities that are currently Active, filter for those activities with a Status of “Active” 
  1. Click the green [Filter Activities] button 
  1. Mouse over the Options icon beside the Activity 
  1. Click on “Edit” 
  1. In “Basic Info”, check (or uncheck) the “This activity is active” box 
  1. Click the [Save] button in that section 
  1. Click the [Close] button 

Note: Changing an activity to inactive does not automatically remove the ability for volunteers to log hours for the activity. Please de-select this option as well if desired. 

Updated on March 14, 2023

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