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Edit Activity While Assigning Volunteers

About this feature: When assigning volunteers from the “Assign” menu options you can also edit some of the attributes of the activity / shift. 

  1. Go to: Assign >> Unscheduled List or Scheduled List 
  1. For long activity lists, use the filters in the top panel and click the green [Filter Activities] button 
  1. Mouse over the Options icon to the left of the activity (unscheduled, seasonal) or shift (scheduled): 
    • Unscheduled Activities: Lock Activity / Unlock Activity 
    • Seasonal Activities: Lock Activity / Unlock Activity, Update Season Dates 
    • Scheduled Activities: Lock Shift / Unlock Shift, Edit Shift 
      • “Edit Shift” enables changes to Basic Info and Override Activity Defaults 

Note: The ability to lock or unlock a shift (or activity) is only available if “Auto Lock” has not been enabled for that activity. 

Updated on March 30, 2021

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