Bulk Activity Changes

Note: To optimize the performance of the software, it is not possible to add shifts to activities where the number of combined existing shifts is greater than 100,000. This limit also applies to bulk activity updates to the self-scheduling or auto-lock settings.  

If you receive this error, you may want to consider cleaning up past shifts within your activities. 

  1. Go to: Configuration, then click on “Bulk Activity Updates” found in the sidebar under Activities 
  1. Set the filters to retrieve a list of activities 
  1. Click the [Filter Activities] button 
  1. Check the boxes to select the Activities you wish to change 
  1. Scroll down and select the desired option from the “Change Selected” dropdown list:
    • Basic Info:
      • Update Category (move activities to a different category or to “Uncategorized”) 
      • Update Activity Report Group 
      • Update Application Form 
      • Update Active Status 
      • Update Hours Logging Setting 
      • Update Group Signup Setting (if Group Scheduling has been enabled) 
      • Update Pre-Assigned Description 
      • Update Post-Assigned Description 
      • Update Internal Notes 
      • Update Auto Log Setting 
      • Update allow volunteers to add themselves to the backup list
    • Visibility and Automation:
      • Update Visibility Settings 
      • Update Minimum Volunteers 
      • Update Self-Scheduling and Auto Lock 
      • Update Confirmed Assignment Removal 
      • Update Signup Cut-off 
    • Qualifications:
      • Add a Qualification 
      • Remove a Qualification 
    • Feedback Fields:
      • Add a Feedback Field 
      • Remove a Feedback Field 
    • Classifications:
      • Add {Schedule} Classification 
      • Remove {Schedule} Classification 
    • Schedule:
      • Add Multiple Shifts 
    • Notifications (For PLUS accounts only)
      • Add Notification Administrator 
      • Remove Notification Administrator 
      • Set Notification Administrator 
      • Remove All Notification Administrators 
  1. Complete the required fields associated with the option selected 
  1. Check the box to confirm the change 
  1. Click the [Update/Add…] button to implement the desired change 
Updated on March 27, 2023

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