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Enterprise: Running Customizable Raw Data Personal Profile Reports

  1. Go to: Reports, then click on “Personal Profile Raw Data” found in the sidebar under General Reports 
  1. Click on the [Report on Everyone] button at the top left of the page, or select the desired profiles
    • Click the [Add Search Criteria] button to add additional options to your search, or click the [Search] button to run your search 
  1. Select the “Columns to Include” from the following categories:
    • Basic Columns 
    • Custom Fields 
    • Qualifications 
    • General Interests 
    • Committees 
    • General Availability  
  1. Optional: Check the box to include all HoursLogged
    • Optional: include the date of the volunteer’s most recent hours entry 
    • Optional: filter for a specific date range and/or Activity Category 
  1. Select desired options for Other Settings:
    • Include background checks (Enterprise edition only) 
    • Include last login date 
    • Select the desired File Format (XLSX, XLS, CSV, TXT) 
  1. Optional: Click [Save This Report], to name and save your report for future use
    • Name the search (200 characters maximum) 
    • Optional: Enter a Description 
    • Click the [Save] button 
  1. Click either the [View Profiles] button to see it on screen, or the [Export Profiles] button to export the file 

Note: The Enterprise Personal Profile Raw Data report will ignore start dates if the profile has a status of “Archived – Didn’t Start” or “Archived – Rejected”, and provide information based upon profile associations only presumed to have been started.  

Example: “Volunteer A” is “Accepted” in Sub-account 1 with a date joined of 03/01/2021; and “Archived – Didn’t Start” in Sub-account 2 with a date joined of 04/13/2019, then all of the calculations based upon the date joined will be based upon 03/01/2021. 

Updated on October 20, 2023

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