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October 2021 – 4x.3 Update

New feature release: Monday, October 18, 2021, 10:00pm EST 

View Recent Admin Login History 

As an added security check, and to provide peace of mind, administrators can now view a list of their 10 most recent logins to their account.  The list provides the date and time of each login, along with the IP address of which the login was made from.

Copy Limited Administrator Roles  

When creating Limited Administrator Roles that are very similar, full administrators of Standard or Enterprise accounts can now copy a role that has already been created. 

Making Phone Calls from your Web Browser 

Calling people connected with your organization has never been easier! We have added a call icon adjacent to the telephone fields in the user profiles. This allows admins with phones connected to their computer, or admins on mobile devices, to dial directly from the profile

Application Form Settings Updates 

Administrators can now view, and have some options to manage, general interests, qualifications and custom fields directly from the Application Form Settings page. Upgrades have also been made to the Generate Link button which now opens directly to a dialogue box with the relevant links, and a quick scan QR code that can be used in printed materials.

Public Page Updates 

Setting up the public recruitment pages just got even easier with the management of General Interests (volunteer), Public Activities (volunteer) and Active Programs (donor) now available in the public page settings. Once your page is all set, you will also be able to generate a link at the top right corner of the page. 

For Volunteer page instructions, please click here.

For Donor page instructions please click here.

MyImpact Portal Settings Updates 

On the My Impact Portal Settings page, you can now quickly view which custom fields and qualifications are set to display in My Impact Page, and modify the visibility and requirement settings if needed.

From within the Hours and Timeclock Settings page administrators will now have quick access to generate timeclock links.

For stored files in the Document Library, the short URL field has been removed from the ‘generate link’ window.  This is due to previous issues, which means only one link can now be used when sharing these files. 

Adding Documents from Email Templates 

When adding a new file to the Document Library whilst within the e-mail template window, the module associated with the template will automatically be selected when creating the document.

Alt Tags for Banners 

On the Banner page, it is now possible to add a custom alt tag, which will display on the user side of the software if there is ever an error that prevents the banner from loading properly. The alt tag field is one of the over 10 new technical features that improves the MyImpactPage portal compatibility with screen readers and accessibility for keyboard users. A default alt tag will display, but you can opt to overwrite and customize this textbox.

Enterprise: Classification Name Update 

To help clarify when and how to use classifications, enterprise administrators will notice the classifications have been broken down into two categories: Sub-Account Classifications and Activity Classifications. When the Activity Classifications tab is selected, the options to add or edit the Activity Type, Suitability, Time Commitment and Duration Commitment classifications will be available.  

Classifications that are not directly related to activities and general interests, but to the sub-accounts themselves, are listed as Focus and Region, when the Sub-Account Classifications tab is selected. 

This change will be noticed by administrators anytime they add, edit or delete classifications. 

Enterprise: Classifications Update on App for Volunteers 

We have now added functionality to enable volunteers who are members of any accounts within an Enterprise to apply existing classifications within their profile at myimpactpage.com using the mobile site or through the My Impact app.   

By navigating to the ‘Interests’ menu, volunteers will be able to see separate lists of General Interests and Classifications they can select for the Enterprise they are associated with. 


Updated on October 20, 2021

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