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Temporarily Shutting Down Your Volunteer Program

There are some situations, like Covid-19, that may cause your organization to temporarily suspend volunteer involvement. The following are a list of things you may want to consider when moving forward with a temporary shutdown. 

Delete Shifts from the Schedule for a Period of Time 

Tip: Changing an activity’s status to ‘Inactive’ will enable you to re-activate it at a later date without removing any scheduling information, including assignments.

Let People Know What is Happening 

  • Update the Volunteer News to share information with volunteers on their volunteer profile pages
  • Update the Administrator News to share information with administrators on their admin profile pages  

Communicate with Potential Volunteers 

Update the Public Page Volunteer Message to share information with potential volunteers visiting your Better Impact public recruitment page.

Disable Application Forms 

If you are not accepting new volunteers for a period of time, you can disable the application form(s) and set a message that will be displayed should anyone click on the link to fill in an application.

Covid-19 Volunteer Recruitment  

We want to help you with your recruitment during the pandemic, so we have introduced two Covid-19 specific ways of doing so.  

Updated on March 30, 2021

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