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How do I generate a list of volunteers?

There are a variety of tools available, depending on the type of list you are looking to generate, including Phone Lists and Mailing Labels. 

  1. For reports you can view on your screen, you can go to People >> Search to enter your search criteria.  In the “Search Results”, you will be able to: 
    • View a profile 
    • Edit a profile 
    • Send an email to a volunteer 
    • Report on Volunteer Information 
  1. The Customizable Raw Data Reports will enable lists to be produced for Hours, Schedules, Feedback Fields, Note Logs, and the Personal Profile report can develop of list of volunteer profile information you may need. These reports can easily be exported to Excel. 
  1. There are also a variety of standard reports available to produce printable reports on volunteer Hours, Schedule or Feedback Field information. 

Note: While you can search for specific volunteers to include in the standard reports, you cannot change the structure of the information included in the report. If you output the information to Word or Excel, you will have some more control over the formatting of the report that is generated. 

Updated on January 8, 2021

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