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How can I tell if a volunteer can see a specific Activity?

When volunteers click on the OPPORTUNITIES tab in MyImpactPage.com, they can set a variety of filters to limit which Activities display to them (by Qualified, Generally Available, Signed Up, Scheduled, Backup List). One or more of these settings may be preventing them from seeing an Activity. 

If there are no current or future shifts in a scheduled Activity, a volunteer will not be able to see it or sign up for it. 

The Activity’s visibility settings may also be preventing them from seeing the Activity. To diagnose why this may be happening: 

  1. Edit the volunteer’s profile 
  1. Click on the “Assign” tab 
  1. Click on the link to the Activity 
  1. At the top of the window that opens you will see a summary to indicate that the volunteer: 
    • Is [NOT] generally available (the relationship between the volunteer’s General Availability and the Activity’s Schedule Classifications). If filters have not been applied, this will not prevent a volunteer from seeing the opportunity 
    • Is [NOT] qualified (the relationship between the volunteer’s Qualifications and the Activity’s Qualifications) 
    • Can [NOT] see this activity (the relationship between the volunteer’s status and Qualifications and the Activity’s visibility settings) 
  1. By clicking on the link to either the “qualified” or “visibility” note above, you can find out why the volunteer is/isn’t qualified or why the volunteer can/can’t see the activity and then fix the problem. 

Note: A volunteer will always be able to see an Activity to which they have been assigned. 

Updated on January 7, 2021

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