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Administrator Transitions

Whether you are taking a temporary leave of absence or leaving your position permanently, here are the steps we recommend to ensure a smooth transition and continuation of services for your organization.

  1. Create new profiles for new admins. Do not reuse your profile or provide access to it. Admin profiles should be archived during extended absences 
    • TIP:  Update new admin profiles with an accepted Module status so they can take advantage of the “Switch to User View” feature during their learning process 
    • TIP: If the new admin currently has a user profile within your organization that is not shared with another organization, add admin access to that profile instead of creating a new one. If the new admin uses their current profile in other organizations as well as yours, create a new profile with admin (and Module) access. 
  1. Always maintain at least two Full admins in each account. This crossover reduces access issues for your organization during unplanned admin changes 
  1. Update the Primary Contact as needed via email to your Member Services Advisor or the Support Team. The Primary Administrator Contact is the person responsible for service charges, administrator access across your account, and dispute resolution when inconsistent requests are made to Better Impact staff. This person should have Full Administrator access. 
  1. Update the Security Admin in your account as needed. This ensures your organization receives timely information on data breaches and other security issues should they arise 
    • Consider adding the Security Admin as a Full Admin to your account to help maintain continuity during admin transitions 
  1. Update your Billing Contact as needed by emailing our Accounting office or Support Team  to retain continued access to your account during your annual renewal cycle 
  1. Document your processes. Provide the new administrator your program’s specific processes in relation to the software because we are unable to address these when new admins have questions. A few things to consider include: 
    • How to document each step in your onboarding process, including when to update user statuses 
    • How to define active users along with guidelines for archiving inactive users 
    • What information is typically updated by admins 
    • How volunteers are linked to activities (roles) 
    • How to use the software resources you’ve built, including email templates, eLearning modules, and the document library
    • Specific steps for reports that are not generated via the standard reports 
    • Work arounds you may have that do not use the software in a typical manner 
  2. Software training: Because we do not provide complimentary training for admin transitions, we encourage you to share the links to our extensive library of help articles and training videos. A great place to start is the Demo Video Series as it provides an overview of each Module an admin may work in without the specific details of each feature available 
    • In addition, we offer fee-based trainings which you can learn about via our Pricing page and/or by contacting your Software Sales Advisor  
    • NOTE: If you have our PLUS upgrade version, there may be ongoing services that can be used to support your new admin. Reach out to your Member Services Advisor for more information 


Updated on January 12, 2024

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