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Why didn’t my volunteer get the email I sent?

There are a few things you can check to figure out why a volunteer did not receive an email message that you sent out:  

  1. Check your email history (either on the volunteer’s profile, or the organization’s history for your account). Make sure that the volunteer in question is on the recipient list, and that their email address is correct.
  2. Check your inbox for bounce notifications. 
  3. Give it time. Depending on the time of day, and how many messages you, and all the other admins are sending out at that time, it may take a few minutes for messages to go from the portal to the email queue. Once it’s left our queue, it may also take a few minutes for the recipient’s mail server to process it. Most messages are delivered very quickly, but if it’s been less than half an hour, don’t panic yet.
  4. Ensure that it is not in the volunteer’s junk/spam box, or that it hasn’t been filtered into a folder or label. If it did end up in the junk/spam box, ask the volunteer to mark it as not junk/spam so that future messages will be delivered to their inbox.
  5. If everything else checks out, the recipient might need to contact their email provider/IT department and make sure they are not filtering the messages out silently. 
Updated on February 7, 2022

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