Trend Analysis Reports

  1. Select the desired report to run: 
    • Reports >> Hours Reports >> Hours Trend (static report) 
      • Select the desired Export File Format  
      • Select the desired Paper Size 
      • Select the Start Date 
      • Click either the [View Report] button to see it on screen, or the [Export Report] button to export the file 
    • Reports >> Hours Reports >> Hours and Feedback Trend (interactive report) 
      • Also found at: Reports >> Feedback Reports >> Hours and Feedback Trend (interactive report) 
    • Reports >> Feedback Reports >> Feedback Efficiency Trend (interactive report) 
  1. For the interactive reports, you can select up to four components to include in the chart by mousing over the component: 
    • Add to the right arrow icon  
    • Add to the left arrow icon 
    • [-] Remove from the Chart 
  1. Click the Chart Options menu icon in the upper right corner to: 
    • Change Chart Type (Line, Column) 
    • Download Chart (PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG) 
  1. Click the desired button at the bottom to export your numeric results to either a CSV file or an XLSX file 

Tip: You can also click on the [Clear Selections] button to clear your currently selected options and start building your report again. 

Updated on March 30, 2021

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