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Technical Specifications

Note: Very few of our members require implementing the Domain, IP and Email configurations. Your Information Technology Department will know if any of this applies in your case and this document is intended for them. 

Domains and IP Addresses 

Application domains: 

  • app.betterimpact.com 
  • app.betterimpactcdn.com 

IP address for app.betterimpact.com: 


File Manager domain: 

  • content.betterimpact.com. 

Test link to see if you can access the CDN: 

The link above should load the Better Impact logo 

If you are not able to whitelist the CDN domain / IP address, you can perform a local host override for the CDN domain by pointing app.betterimpactcdn.com to

Our origin can handle traffic for that domain name as well. 

Timeclock Restrictions 

You can restrict volunteers from accessing the mobile timeclock and also restrict access to the general timeclock unless the time clock is on your network. Add an external IP address or CIDR range into your account by going to Configuration, then clicking on “Hours and Timeclock Settings” found in the sidebar under Activities. 

Updated on January 6, 2023

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