Running Standardized Schedule Reports

Note: Standardized Schedule reports display only volunteers assigned to scheduled Activities. The Customizable Schedule reports enable you to report on volunteers assigned to all types of Activities (scheduled, seasonal or unscheduled). 

  1. Go to: Reports >> Schedule Reports 
  1. Select any of the schedule reports, without “Raw Data” in the title, to run 
  1. Select the desired Export File Format  
  1. Select the desired Paper Size 
  1. Select the Sort order from the dropdown list 
  1. Some reports will require you to select an Activity or Activity Category from a dropdown list 
  1. Select the Date Range 
  1. Some of the reports will enable you to select the desired Communications Fields to include in your report: All Phone NumbersPreferred Phone Number and Email or No Contact Information 
  1. Click either the [View Report] button to see it on screen, or the [Export Report] button to export the file 

Note: By editing a volunteer’s profile and going to their “Schedule” tab, you can generate a calendar report for a single volunteer; for one month at a time. 

Updated on October 5, 2021

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