Running a Signup Detail Raw Data Report

About this feature: View activity signup details for scheduled, seasonal or unscheduled activities, or export the data to Excel for additional filtering or manipulation. A volunteer is considered Signed Up when they have expressed an interest in an activity/shift, but are awaiting assignment by an administrator (Activities with self-scheduling enabled do not require this step). 

  1. Go to: Reports, then click on “Signup Detail Raw Data” found in the sidebar under Schedule Reports 
  1. Optional: Choose Activity Type(s) (Schedule, Seasonal or Unscheduled). 
  1. Optional: Enter a date range (Start Date
  1. Optional: Select what other information to include: 
    • Shifts without signups 
    • Volunteers that are already assigned 
  1. Optional: Filter the export by Activity Category 
  1. Select the Activity Status filter 
  1. Choose your desired File Format 
  1. By default, we have selected the most commonly used columns in an export.  
    • If not visible, click the [+] in the “Columns to Include” header to view and change selections 
  1. Optional: Click [Save This Report], to name and save your report for future use 
    • Name the search (200 characters maximum) 
    • Optional: Enter a Description 
    • Click the [Save] button 
  1. Click either the [View Signup Data] button to see it on screen, or the [Export Signup Data] button to export the file 
Updated on March 30, 2021

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