Running Customizable Raw Data Feedback Reports

  1. Go to: Reports, then click on “Feedback – Row Layout Raw Data”, or “Feedback – Column Layout Raw Data”, found in the sidebar under Feedback Reports 
  1. Optional: Select Date Volunteered date range  
  1. Optional: Select Date Created date range (Date the hour log was created) 
  1. Optional: For “Feedback – Column Layout Raw Data” report, check Entries to Include 
  1. Optional: Category: Select a Category from the dropdown list. 
  1. Select the Sort order from the dropdown list 
  1. Select the desired Export File Format 
  1. By default, we have selected the most commonly used columns in an export.  
    • If not visible, click the [+] in the “Columns to Include” header to view and change selections 
  1. Optional: Click [Save This Report], to name and save your report for future use 
    • Name the search (200 characters maximum) 
    • Optional: Enter a Description 
    • Click the [Save] button 
  1. Click either the [View Feedback Fields] button to see it on screen, or the [Export Feedback Fields] button to export the file 
Updated on March 30, 2021

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