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About this feature: The Name Tag Wizard allows you to create personalized documents for your users such as Name Tags, ID Badges, Certificates and more! After selecting the data, you want to include on your name tag, you can customize your design and add additional images and text if desired. This report is only available at the sub account level, it will not be available at the enterprise account level.

A variety of information can be pulled from volunteer profiles to be included in these documents such as: 

  • Timeclock QR Codes 
  • Profile Pictures 
  • Custom Fields 
  • Qualifications 
  • Contact Information 
  • Hours Logged  
  • Donations 
  • Group Name 
  • Pronouns 
  • Additional Plain Text 
  • Custom Pictures/ Logos 
  • Statuses and much more! 

To start designing your name tags, go to Reports and click on “Name Tag Wizard” found in the sidebar under General Reports. 

Step 1: Find your People 

  • Run a search to find your desired profiles that you want to create name tags for 
    • First select the statuses to include and then click [Add Search Criteria] to add additional filters to your search 
    • Click the [Search] button to run your search 
  • If you have any saved searches, you will be able to load a saved search here. 

Step 2: Pick you Name Tag Fields and Generate the Data Set 

  • Under the “Columns to Include” section, select what data should appear on your name tag 
  • Select [Fetch Data and Begin Design] at the bottom of the page 
    • You will also see an option to [Save This Report]  

Step 3: Design and Preview you Name Tags 

This is where you can customize and design your name tag. We recommend starting with the Page Settings and Name Tag Settings as this will determine the size of your name tags and how many appear on one page when printed. 

If the selections you make here are too large for the paper size, you will see this flagged in the box just below Page Settings where the dimensions of the page are listed.  

Page Settings

Determine the page size, number of name tags per page and page margins. Adjust the following as desired:

  • Template / Paper 
  • Height 
  • Width 
  • Name Tags per Row 
  • Name Tags per Column 
  • Top Margin 
  • Bottom Margin 
  • Left / Right Margin 

Name Tag Settings

Determine name tag size, outline and default font settings. Adjust the following as desired:

  • Outline
  • Font Size 
  • Font Colour 
  • Height 
  • Width 
  • Top / Bottom Margin 
  • Left / Right Margin 

Next, you can start adding content to your name tag and set customizations for these elements. The ‘Preview’ box will display a preview of your name tag as you create it using the data from the first person who appeared in your search. 

Add Content to your Name Tag 

  • Select the check box next to the data you want to add to the name tag. Once selected the data will appear in Design box.  
    • In the design box you can drag and drop the box into the desired placement.  
    • Adjust the size of the element by selecting the bottom right corner and stretching it to your desired size 
  • Add Plain Text 
    • Use this option to add additional plain text to the name tag,  
    • Once created, you can drag and drop it into the desired placement 
  • Use the “edit” icon next to the content name to edit the following settings for the selected element 
    • Font Colour 
    • Font Face 
    • Font Size 
    • Alignment 
    • Overflow  
      • This setting determines if text will be cut off in the event the text is too large for the element size 

Select [Set Element Styles] to save these selections

  • Add a Picture from your File Manager 
    • Select a picture currently available in your File Manager or upload a new picture from your computer 
    • Drag and drop the picture into your desired placement and resize it using the bottom right hand corner of the picture. 

Save the Design (optional) 

  • Select the [Save] button within the Design section to save your design for future use 

Step 4: Review and Print Name Tag Sheets 

Within the Preview Box select [Generate Name Tags].  

Select the print icon inside the he Step 4 header to print your name tags.  

Please review your badges in this print preview very carefully before printing! 

Please Note: If you have a lot of badges, it may take some time for the print dialog to come up after you press the Print button, especially if you have complex name tags with multiple images on them. 

We recommend only printing the first page or two as a test before printing many badges to ensure that your printer page settings are correct and everything is lining up properly. 

It is very important that your printer is set to the matching paper size, no margins, and no page scaling. 

Updated on May 31, 2024

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