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About this feature: Raw Data reports provide flexibility and customization in creating reports to meet the specific needs of an organization. The raw data reports enable an administrator to run a report for each of the different areas where data is collected, including, hours, feedback, schedules, note log entries and personal information. As the name suggests, these reports allow an administrator to extract the data from the fields of these areas. 

Raw data reports can be exported or viewed. To view the report on screen: 

  1. Go to Reports 
  1. Select the desired Raw Data Report from the sidebar menu  
  1. Select Report Settings, Columns to Include, and Search Parameters (if applicable) 
  1. Instead of exporting the data to a file, click on the [View …] button at the bottom of the page. 

View Options: 

  1. Rearrange columns: Click and hold the left mouse button on the column header you wish to move and drag it to its new location (release button once re-located). 
  1. Sort: Click on the column header you wish to sort. You can toggle between ascending and descending order (as indicated by the up/down arrows displayed in the header). 
  1. Pin: You can pin a column to the leftmost or rightmost side of the results. When scrolling, that column will stay in a fixed position.  
    • In the desired column header, click the button with the three horizontal lines 
    • Select “Pin Column” 
    • Select a pin option from the menu 
  1. Resize: You can resize a column to allow larger amounts of data to display fully in the cell. In the header for the desired column, click the button with the three horizontal lines 
    • Select either “Autosize This” or “Autosize All” 
    • Reset default column widths by selecting “Reset Columns”
  1. Filter: You can change which rows are displayed  
    • Click the button with the three horizontal lines in the header  
    • Click the filter icon in the header 
    • Select an option from the dropdown list: 
      • Equals, Not equal 
      • Starts With, Ends With 
      • Contains, Does not contain 
      • Less Than, Less Than or Equal to, Greater Than, Greater Than or Equal to 
      • In Range 
    • Enter text in the available corresponding textbox(es) 
  1. Show/Hide Columns: You can change which columns are displayed  
    • Click the button with the three horizontal lines in the header 
    • Click on the icon with four vertical lines 
    • Check/Uncheck boxes next column name(s) to change the display settings 

Note: Filter and Column Display options can also be accessed by clicking the menu tabs on the right of the Results view window. 

Updated on March 30, 2021

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