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How to Handle Different Currencies

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Within your Donation Settings (Configuration >> Donation Settings), the currency for your Organization can be selected.

Once a donation is made in that currency, you will not be able to change this setting.

Below are some considerations for setting up your PayPal and Stripe accounts to accept the currency that you have selected for your organization in Better Impact.


If you do not have a PayPal balance for the currency selected in Better Impact and do not have settings selected for what to do this scenario, donations will be “unclaimed” within your PayPal account. You will need to go into your PayPal account to determine what happens with this money.

Once these changes are made, the money may be in a “held” state. Recurring Donations in this state will not show up in Better Impact until they exit that state. Single donations in this state will show up as a donation in Better Impact, but if they are in the “unclaimed” state for 30 days, they will be refunded to the donor and removed from Better Impact.

To avoid donations ending up in the “unclaimed” or “held” state please ensure you do not have differing currency settings between PayPal and Better Impact.

If you must have differing currencies the best option is to set the necessary settings up before this happens. They can be accessed from your PayPal home page, under account settings in the top right menu >> Payment Preferences. Next, click on the update link to the right of “Block Payments”. The top category is the setting that should be considered, whether or not to accept differing currencies, and what to do with them.


In Stripe, any differing currency is automatically converted to the currency of the Stripe account.

Updated on April 3, 2024

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