Becoming a Better Impact Buddy

About this feature: Better Impact Buddies are users of our software that would like to help other users of our software. They offer their advice and share their experiences with their peers facing similar situations. Buddies are not expected to answer technical, how-to questions about the software (because we are happy to do that).  

  1. Go to the My Profile Menu (the green profile icon at the top right), then click “Update My Buddy Profile” 
  2. Check the box at the top if you would like to be a Better Impact Buddy.  *You do not need to check this right away. You can go ahead and enter your information and come back and check this box when you are ready
  3. Enter information about you and how you can be a buddy to other administrators: 
    • Organization Name [required]: enter the name of your organization 
    • How to Contact Me [required]: check at least one of the boxes to indicate how you wish to be contacted. This information will be taken from your administrative profile. 
    • Date Joined [required]: enter the date you joined as a Better Impact administrator 
    • Number of Volunteers [required]: select the number of volunteers in your organization from the ranges displayed in the dropdown list 
    • How I Can Help [required]: enter some text that will explain to administrators that are searching for a buddy how you can be of help to them 
    • Gallery URL [optional]: enter the URL for your “Gallery”. You’ll need to reach out to us first to let us know about something that you do or have done in the Better Impact system that makes a difference in your organization. We’ll set up a webpage that showcases it! 
    • Classifications [required]: select any of the checkboxes listed to indicate your area(s) of expertise 
    • Modules to Buddy [required]: select any of the checkboxes listed to indicate which module(s) you are experienced in 
    • Other Notes [optional]: include any other information about you and/or your organization and/or how you’d like to help. You can format the text entered in this box
  4. Click the [Save] button 
    • You can also click [Preview Listing] to see what your buddy listing would look like to administrators viewing the list of buddies or [View Profile] to see your saved profile details 

Note: You can enter or update information at any time in your buddy profile. By unchecking the box at the top, you will not remove information from your buddy profile; that just removes your profile from the buddy search until you want to be searchable again. 

Updated on June 28, 2021

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