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Useful Better Impact Web Links

Administrative Websites 

  • Administrative login (Better Impact): admin.betterimpact.com 
  • Sign-up link:  You can generate a sign-up link (for prospective donors to fill in your information form) for your organization or enterprise by going to Configuration, then clicking on “Links for Website” found in the sidebar under Recruitment 

Donor Websites 

Product Suggestions 

You can also click on the link the “Feedback” section on your home page in Better Impact. 

Contact the Support Team 

In addition to clicking on the “We’re here to help!” button or using the “Find Help” navigation to access the online help, you can contact support by clicking on the “Chat Icon” button in the lower right corner of your screen. 

Better Impact Corporate Websites 

Regional Sites: 

Social Media and Member Interaction: 

Monitor System Status 

  • Check current status and subscribe to email notification on status changes and upcoming maintenance that could impact system availability – www.betterimpactstatus.com/ 

NOTE: A warning will appear at the bottom of your homepage to notify users of an upcoming system update so that information can be saved prior to closing. 

Updated on January 8, 2024

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