Volunteer Dashboard

When you Edit or View a volunteer profile. The first thing you will see is the “Dashboard” (under the “Main” tab). It contains: 

  • Telephone numbers (including preferred contact number / time) 
  • Primary email address 
  • Next shift 
  • Hours contributed this year along with lifetime hours contributions 
  • Year the person first volunteered 
  • Last login date 
  • Birthday and anniversary alerts (if the volunteer’s birthday or anniversary occurred in the last week or in the next four weeks) 
  • Most recent hours contribution (date and hours are shown. If the entry was made on the timeclock, the time of the entry will also be shown) 
  • Custom Fields selected to display on the Profile Dashboard
    • Only for Volunteers with a status other than archived
  • Hours contributions (by month) shown in a bar chart 
  • Total hours (by activity) shown in a pie chart (the top 10 are shown as slices with any others grouped together as “Other”) 

There are also buttons to: 

  • Send email (and mobile email, if available) 
  • Send SMS (if enabled) 
  • Log notes 
  • Create a Personal Message for the volunteer (the button will be “red” if there is not currently a personal message, otherwise it will be “green”) 
Updated on May 13, 2024

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