Volunteer Administrator Email Notification Options

Activity Notifications

  1. Change in Activity availability notifications
    • When a volunteer signs up for an Activity or shift 
    • When a volunteer signs up for multiple shifts at once 
    • When a volunteer removes their signup for an Activity of shift 
    • When a volunteer removes their signup for multiple shifts 
  1. Declined shift assignment notifications
    • When a volunteer declines one or more shifts to which they have been assigned 
  1. Confirmed shift assignment notifications 
    • When a volunteer confirms one or more shift assignments manually (NOTE: this notification does not apply if you have assignments set to be confirmed automatically) 
  1. Timeclock started notifications 
    • When a volunteer starts a timeclock entry 
  1. Timeclock stopped notifications 
    • When a volunteer stops a timeclock entry 

Volunteer Notifications

  1. Volunteer status change notifications
    • When an existing volunteer resigns from your organization (i.e. sets their profile status to “Archived”) 
    • If an archived volunteer re-applies to your organization 
  1. New organization member notifications
    • When there is a new application from a volunteer  
    • When there is a new volunteer but had a previous association with the organization 
    • When an enterprise adds a volunteer to a new organization in their enterprise 
  1. Completed eLearning module notifications 
    • When a volunteer successfully completes an eLearning Module 
Updated on November 2, 2021

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