Enterprise: Manage Organization Administrator Access & Settings

Note: If you wish to have this feature enabled for your Enterprise account, please have a Full Enterprise Administrator contact the Better Impact support team. 

About this feature: Full Enterprise Administrators can control the access and administrator settings, Organization Administrators have in the various sub-accounts, using this feature. 

  1. Go to People, then click on “Organization Administrators” found in the sidebar under Administrators 
  1. In the “Find an Admin” section, use the available fields to enter the organization administrator’s username or contact information 
  1. Click the associated [Search] button 
  1. In the results list, mouse over the Options icon beside the administrator you want to update access for 
  1. Click “Manage [the admin’s name] access” 
    • Note: You can also select to view their profile through this menu 
  1. Mouse over the Options icon beside the organization you wish update 
    • To update multiple organizations at once:
      • Check the boxes next to each desired, or Select All at the bottom 
      • Select an action by choosing from the dropdown menu 
      • Update the relevant fields, and click the [Save] button 
  1. Select the action you wish from the available options 
  1. Update the relevant fields 
  1. Click the [Save] button 

Note: The notification settings available to update will be dependent upon the modules each selected organization account has enabled. 

Updated on July 12, 2023

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