Add Enterprise Configuration Administrator Role

Note: This type of administrator role is available on PLUS Enterprise accounts only.  

About this feature: An Enterprise Configuration Administrator can be restricted to certain menu options at the enterprise level.  This will give you the ability to create enterprise administrators that only have access to specific configuration functionality and menu items at the enterprise level. 

IMPORTANT: In order to use this feature, it must be enabled for you by us. 

Options Available 

When creating or editing an Enterprise Configuration Admin Role, the following capabilities (options) are available: 

Basic Configuration: 

  • Custom Fields, Qualifications, Classifications, Feedback Fields, Client Reporting Fields*, General Interest Templates, Links for Website, View eLearning Modules, Manage eLearning Modules, Document Library, Regions, Manage Organizations, Manage API keys, Badges 

Enterprise Configuration: 

  • Contact Information, Time Zone, Banner and Branding, Mission Statement, General Settings, Social Media 

Communication Configuration: 

  • Manage Current Message to Volunteers, Manage Current Message to Clients*, Manage Current Message to Donors*, Manage Current Message to Organizations Administrators, Manage Current Message to Administrators, Email Templates, Manage Birthday Message 

Activity Configuration: 

  • Activity Templates, Activity Report Groups, Manage Shift Templates 

Other Configuration: 

  • Upload, Edit, or Delete files in the rich text file manager 
  • Insert images or links to files into the body of an email 
  • Insert videos, images, or links to files into rich text areas other than email 
  • Find a Buddy 
  • Update Buddy Profile 

* Some options listed above require Client Module or Donor Module 

Add New Role 

  1. Go to People, then click on “Enterprise Configuration Admin Roles” found in the sidebar under Administrators 
  1. Click the [+] button in the “Enterprise Configuration Admin Role” header (or click the [+ New Enterprise Configuration Admin Role] button). 
  1. Enter a role name (required, maximum 200 characters) 
  1. Optional: Enter a description (visible only to full administrators 
  1. Select the Module(s) to which the role will have access. 
  1. Select the Capabilities to which the role will have access. Click on the [?] for more information on each of the options available. 
  1. Click the [Save] button 
Updated on March 30, 2021

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