Create a Phone List

  1. Go to Communicate, then click on “Create Phone List” found in the sidebar under Lists 
  1. Search for the desired profiles  
  1. Select the desired File Format (PDF, DOCX, DOC) 
  1. Select the desired Paper Size 
  1. Select the Sort order from the dropdown list 
  1. Optional: Enter a Title name for the file (or use default; phone list) 
  1. Click the [Download Phone List] button 
  1. Save the downloaded file to your computer, or open it and print it 

Tip: If you want additional information to appear in your report, you can go to: Reports, then click on “Personal Profile Raw Data” found in the sidebar under General Reports. You will be able to select the specific information you need to appear on the report.

Updated on March 30, 2021

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