Change Management – How to Introduce Volunteers to the Software

Many organizations have volunteer programs comprised of individuals with varying levels of computer proficiency. Grouping your volunteers into different categories can help you introduce them to through tailored approaches that suit their needs and will help all levels feel comfortable with the new software. We offer the following suggestions to help: 

  1. Highly Proficient: Begin with the highly proficient computer users; provide a self-study training manual or direct them to the help pages 
  1. Some Proficiency: For the moderately proficient users, provide an in-class training session or webinar meeting 
  1. Low Proficiency: For those not particularly comfortable with computers; provide one-on-one hands-on support/training. Introducing a Peer Support Program (instructions below) can help you match these individuals with those in the first two groups. 
Updated on March 30, 2021

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