Add Group Profile – Group Applies Online

Important: Group Profiles can only be created if group scheduling is enabled in your organization’s Schedule Settings. 

Ideally, new volunteers, including groups will join your organization using one of the online applications for your organization. If one of your three possible applications has been designed for groups, please ensure this link is sent to the team lead. 

  1. Generate a link to the appropriate application 
  1. Provide the link to whomever is responsible for your organization’s website, or send the link to the group leader 
  1. Once the application is completed, click the person icon at the top of the screen and type the name on the profile into the Quick Search bar. 
  1. Click on the name from the list that appears. 
  1. In the “Main” tab, click on the “Miscellaneous” section 
  1. In the “Volunteer” section, scroll down to “Group Settings” 
  1. Group: Check the box to identify the profile as a group 
  1. Group Name: type in the name  
  1. Click the [Save] button 
Updated on March 30, 2021

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