Recurring Donation Subscriptions

About this feature: Recurring Donations allow for Donors to set up a subscription to a Donation Program of their choice. This monthly subscription will automatically donate the selected amount once per month on the same day that that the subscription was initiated.  

Donors will be able to manage their existing recurring donation subscriptions through and Donations cannot be made through the MyImpact app.

Administrators can manage Recurring Donations through the Manage Recurring Donations page. You can also see donations given as a result of a recurring donations on your Manage Donations page. New filters have been added here to make it easy to find either recurring donations or one-time donations.  

Additionally, the Donation Subscriptions Raw Data Report will allow you to generate reports on these subscriptions. 

Allow Your Donation Program to Receive Recurring Donations 

When creating a Donation Program, you will now see the option to allow the program to accept Recurring Donations. To create a new Donation Program please see this help article. 

To allow and existing program to receive recurring donations please follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Configuration, then click on “Donation Programs” found in the sidebar under Donation  
  1. Mouse over the Options icon to the left of the Program  
  1. Select “Edit”  
  1. Check the “Recurring donations are allowed” box 
  1. Select [Save] 

By enabling the recurring donation setting you are giving Donors the option to select either a “one-time” or “monthly” when making a donation. 

Updated on February 20, 2024

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