Updating Custom Fields

Update One Profile’s Custom Field 

  1. Click the person icon at the top of the screen and type the person’s name into the Quick Search bar 
  1. Click on the person’s name from the list that appears 
  1. In the “Main” tab, click on the “Custom Fields” sub-tab 
  1. Optional: Filter by the desired module(s) to display the custom fields associated with your selection 
  1. Update the field(s) as required  
  1. Click the [Save] button 

Update Multiple Profiles in Bulk 

  1. Go to: People, then click on “Bulk Update User Custom Fields” found in the sidebar under Volunteers >> Custom Fields 
  1. Search for the desired profiles to change  
  1. Once the search is complete, select the Header from the dropdown list 
  1. Select the Custom Field from the dropdown list 
  1. Value: Select the new option to be applied to the selected profiles:
    • Set the desired value for every selected person, or 
    • Remove the existing option for every selected person 
  1. Click the [Update] button 
  1. Check the box to confirm the changes  
  1. Click the [Set the Value] button 

Note: The “Bulk Update User Custom Fields” feature will replace any existing data in a field, with the new data specified; once changed this cannot be undone. If, however, you are using this feature to update “long text” in a Custom Field, the data you enter will be added to the existing text in that field. 

Updated on July 12, 2023

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