Searching by General Interests

Note: This option is visible only if General Interests have been created. 

  1. Go to any option that requires a search (i.e. Communicate >> Send Email; People >> Search, etc.) 
  1. Module and Status, Communication and Group Filters select status(es) and option(s) to include 
  1. Click the [Add Search Criteria] button 
  1. Search Type: Select “General Interests” from the dropdown menu 
  1. Choose to retrieve results that match “All”, “Any” or “None” of the General Interests you select 
    • Optional: Filter by the active status of your General Interests (Active [default], Inactive, Don’t Filter) 
  1. Select the checkbox(es) beside the desired General Interest(s) 
  1. Click the [Add] button to add additional options to your search, or click the [Add and Go] button to run your search 
Updated on March 30, 2021

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