Hours Logging for One Volunteer by an Administrator

Note: If Automatic hours logging has been enabled for the activity, you will be warned that, by logging hours manually, you may be creating duplicate entries. 

Logging Hours from a Volunteer’s Profile by an Administrator 

  1. Click the person icon at the top of the screen and type the person’s name into the Quick Search bar. 
  1. Click on the volunteer’s name when it appears in the list 
  1. Click on the “Hours” tab 
  1. Click the [New Timelog Entry] button 
  1. You may see a few tabs, enabling you to select from a list of Activities (Recent, Active or Inactive
    • Recent: the volunteer’s recent assignments 
    • Active: activities with a status of Active 
    • Inactive: activities with a status of Inactive 
  1. Select the Activity from the drop-down list 
  1. Enter the Date Volunteered.  If you select a date in the future an alert will display a warning message.  Click [Confirm] to proceed or [Cancel] to revert back to the default date
  1. Enter the number of Hours and minutes worked: 
    • The minutes must be entered as a decimal number (e.g. 15 minutes = .25, 30 minutes = .50, 45 minutes = .75). Place a zero before the decimal if entering less than one hour (e.g. 0.75). Once entered, the conversion to hours and minutes will be displayed to the right of the field 
    • If there are Feedback Fields associated with the hours log entry, you’ll see them here. There will also be a checkbox in the bottom left corner of the window to “Keep Feedback Fields Populated”. This setting (whether checked or unchecked) is remembered the next time the administrator creates a new timelog entry 
  1. Click the [Save] button or click the [Save and Log Another] button to make another timelog entry. 

Log Hours from a List of Assignments 

When viewing the list of volunteers assigned to an activity or shift (ex. From Scheduled List): 

  1. Mouse over the Options icon to the left of a person’s name 
  1. Select “Log Hours” 
  1. Hours and Date: 
    • For unscheduled or seasonal activities, the date and number of hours will need to be entered manually (the date field is pre-populated with today’s date). 
    • For scheduled activities, the date and number of hours are pre-populated automatically based on the date and times for the shift 
  1. If there are Feedback Fields associated with the hours log entry, you’ll see them here. 
  1. Click the [Log Hours] button 

Tip: You can also log hours in the “Schedule” tab of a volunteer’s profile for one activity / shift assignment at a time. 

Updated on March 30, 2021

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