Enterprise Public Search Page Settings

  1. Go to: Configuration, then click on “Public Volunteer Page Settings” found in the sidebar under Recruitment 
  1. Enter a Public Page Title – text that will appear at the top of your enterprise’s public page. If no text is entered, it will default to your enterprise name. 
  1. Update your Public Page Message – messages you add here will appear to prospects on your search page 
  1. Check to show a Link to your Public Search on MyImpactPage.com box to include a link on your user’s home page, which will bring them back to your search page 
  1. Check the General Interests box to include general interests from the organizations in your enterprise in the public page search results 
  1. Within the Organization Settings: 
    • Check to show Organization Public Page Message in the search results 
    • Check the Fill in an Application Button box to show a “Fill in an application” button for the organizations on the public search page. Enabling this feature will add a button to the bottom of each organization’s section in the search results which will take the user directly to the default application form for that organization 
    • Check to include Organization Mission Statements in the Enterprise search results 
  1. In the Mission Statement section: 
    • Check to include the Mission Statement on the Public Page 
    • Enter a Custom Title for Mission Statement – to override the default title of “Mission Statement” 
    • Make changes to the Mission Statement 
  2. If any changes are made to the settings, click the [Save General Settings] button 
Updated on March 30, 2021

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