Custom Fields on User Dashboard 

About this feature: Administrators can now view select Custom Fields on the Dashboard tab of a user’s profile allowing for easier access to important information eliminating the need to scroll through the Custom Fields section of the profile. 

This feature only applies to users belonging to the Volunteer or Donor module. Once a user is moved to the status of Archived, the Custom Fields associated with that module will no longer display on the user’s dashboard.

This feature does not apply to Client or Member profiles as there is no dashboard feature for these profiles.

To configure which Custom Fields display on user dashboards: 

  1. Navigate through Configuration >> Custom Fields.  
  1. Select ‘Edit’ using the options icon to the left of the desired Custom Field  
  1. Under Display, select ‘Profile Dashboard’. 
  1. Select [Save]. 

It is not possible to apply this change in bulk to multiple Custom Fields at once.

Note: It is not possible to edit fields from the Profile Dashboard. Custom Fields will continue to be edited from the Custom Field tab of the user’s profile. Only Custom Fields that are filled in will display on the dashboard, if the field is empty, it will not display.  
Text will be cut off at 100 characters, administrators can hover their cursor over of the text to see the full text if it is longer than 100 characters. Dates will also be displayed in their shortened format (i.e. mm/dd/yyyy), to see the long date format hover your cursor over the short date. 

If the number of fields set to display here exceeds the size of the display box, a scrollbar will appear.
For Enterprise accounts, this feature will only be accessible when viewing a profile within a sub account.  

Which administrators have access to viewing these custom fields on the user dashboard? 

This will be determined by the selections you make on the User Profile Dashboard Setting Page found under Configuration >> Organization Settings. Please see this article for more information.  

Updated on May 13, 2024

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