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Note: The software enables universal settings to be created at the Enterprise level, and custom settings to be created within the sub-accounts. If these settings are saved only at the Enterprise level, they will be implemented at both the Enterprise and sub-account levels. Settings saved in a sub-account will override the Enterprise settings within that sub-account only. If Full Enterprise administrators want to remove the ability for sub-account administrators to create their own custom settings, please reach out to our Support team to have the permission settings on this feature updated on your account. 

  1.  Go to: Configuration then click on “Content Font Settings” found in the sidebar under Branding 
  1. In the desired section (“Email Content”, “Non-Email Content”), select the defaults you would like to use for Text Box fields: 
    • Font Face (select from the drop list) 
    • Font Weight (select either “Normal” or “Bold” from the drop list) 
    • Font Size (select from the drop list) 
    • Font Color (select a color from the palette) or click the [Choose the color from your banner] button to display a window containing your banner image. 
      • Click on an area in the banner, and the corresponding HEX code value will be displayed for that colour.  
      • Click [OK] to use the selected colour. 
  1. You can view the “Preview” text to see what your default settings will look like 
  1. Click the [Save] button 
Updated on September 29, 2022

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