Add Volunteer Profile – Individual Applies Online

Ideally, new volunteers will join your organization using one of the online applications for your organization. To do this:

  1. Generate a signup link to add to your website 
  1. Provide the link to whomever is responsible for your organization’s website, or send the link directly to a potential volunteer. 

Note: Volunteers that are new to start off by entering their contact information. If a date of birth is required on the application form, the volunteer cannot specify the current year as their year of birth. Applicants are required to enter at least one contact phone number. 

Applicants with an existing profile bypass the entry of their contact information. The application process will check to see if the volunteer has a date of birth (if required), phone number, and primary email address entered in their existing profile. It will also ensure that they have acknowledged your organization’s policies (if required). 

Updated on March 30, 2021

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