Make an Administrator a Contact Person

About this feature: Allowing users to email administrators through their profile using the Contact tab, is one of the easiest ways for users to communicate with administrators. 

  1. Go to People, then click on “Manage Administrators” found in the sidebar under Administrators 
  1. Mouse over the Options icon beside the administrator and select ”Edit” 
  1. In the “Main” tab, click on the “Miscellaneous” section and select “Administrator” 
  1. Scroll down to the Communications section in the Admin Settings 
  1. Check the Contact Person box to enable this feature. 
  1. Optional: Specify the contact person’s “Title”. This information will display to users when they are in their CONTACT tab. 
  1. Click the [Save] button 

Tip: You can make yourself a contact person by going to the My Profile Menu, selecting Edit My Profile, and following steps 3-7. 

Updated on April 9, 2021

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