Add/Edit Administrator Email Signature

Once added, the email signature that will appear at the bottom of all emails the administrator sends out through Better Impact. 

  1. Go to the My Profile Menu (the green profile icon at the top right), then click “Edit My Profile” 
  1. In the “Main” tab, click on the “Miscellaneous” section and select “Administrator” 
  1. Scroll down and enter text in the “Email Signature” text editor box. You can also click the [Insert] button in the editor to add images or links to files within your signature 
  1. Click the [Save] button 

Tip: There is a shortcut that enables you to easily update your email signature from anywhere in the software with the email option. If you haven’t started typing your email message yet, go to File  >>  Update Signature (in the Rich Text Box) to add or edit your signature. Once saved, the changes will be updated on your profile and can be used on future emails. 

Updated on April 9, 2021

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