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Why am I not getting administrator email notifications?

Notification emails are sent based upon the settings in the miscellaneous tab of your profile and are sent using a system different from the regular emails that you can send to the profiles in your account. 

  1. The first step to troubleshooting is to ensure that you have the right options checked to get the notifications you need. Please note: If you have recently changed your settings, they are not retro-active, so any notification worthy events that happened before you enabled the setting, will not be sent to you.
  2. Next, double check that an action, that should have sent a notification, occurred. Is there a new application in your account? Did someone complete an eLearning module? Etc.  
  3. If your settings are correct, and some actions did happen, you should double check that the email address in your profile is correct, and if it is, double check that the notifications have not ended up in your junk/spam.
  4. It’s possible your email provider/IT Department is silently blocking your notifications. This can happen automatically sometimes, if they detect an excess of emails coming from the same domain with similar content or based on the service that sent the mail. To mitigate this, you can have your IT department whitelist our email servers.  
    • Primary SMTP Server: 
    • Transactional SMTP Server: 
  1. If you still aren’t getting notifications, contact our support team, and we can check the logs to see what might be happening.  
Updated on February 7, 2022

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