Volunteers Involved in Multiple Organizations

If a volunteer already has a profile on MyImpactPage.com (i.e. they are volunteering with another organization who uses Better Impact), they can complete your online application form by entering their existing username and password on the right, under the heading “I already have a username”. 

Note: If a volunteer happens to create two profiles, they can merge their profiles at any time. However, they cannot merge two profiles belonging to the same organization.

When a volunteer belongs to multiple organizations (via one username), they will see all of the organizations they volunteer with and the associated volunteer news on their main dashboard on MyImpactPage, listed in alphabetical order. 

They will have the option to select the organization when searching for opportunities

The organization name will be clearly displayed on their schedule

They will be able to select the organization from a drop list when logging hours

They will be able to select from a list of Administrators in each organization to email one of them from the Contact tab: 

My Profile >> Organizations (lists all the organizations they are connected to): 

Volunteers will see a summary their total combined hours on the main Report tab, followed by a 12 month breakdown by organization.  They also have the ability to run and export a detailed hours or hours and feedback report that breaks down the total hours by organization for a desired time period. 

Updated on September 28, 2022

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