Searching by Schedule Date

  1. Go to any option that requires a search (i.e. Communicate >> Send Email; People >> Search, etc.) 
  1. Module and Status, Communication and Group Filters select status(es) and option(s) to include 
  1. Click the [Add Search Criteria] button 
  1. Search Type: Select “Schedule Date” from the dropdown list 
  1. Choose whether you want to search for volunteers that are either “On the Schedule”, “Not on the Schedule”, “On the Schedule but not confirmed” or “On the Schedule and confirmed” 
  1. Enter the starting date and time (Between) along with the ending date and time (And) for Activity assignments to include in your search.  You can either search by entering exact dates or by using dynamic dates. 
  1. Optional: Filter for a specific Activity Category. If this is left at “Do not filter”, all Activities within all Activity Categories will be considered. 
  1. Optional: Filter for a specific Activity within the Activity Category selected above. If this is left at “Do not filter”, all Activities within the selected Activity Category will be considered. 
  1. Click the [Add] button to add additional options to your search, or click the [Add and Go] button to run your search 
Updated on March 30, 2021

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