Making Phone Calls from your Web Browser

About this feature: A call icon is found adjacent to the telephone fields when viewing or editing user profiles, for any contact field with a listed phone number. This allows admins with phones connected to their computer, or admins on mobile devices, to dial directly from the profile. 

  1. Click the person icon at the top of the screen and type the person’s name into the Quick Search bar  
  1. Click on the person’s name from the list that appears  
  1. In the “Main” tab, click on the “Contact” sub-tab 
  1. Scroll down to the phone numbers 
    • If you have access to the Dashboard, you will also see the call icon next to the phone numbers listed in this section 
  1. Click on the call icon beside the phone number 

IMPORTANT: The application used to make the phone call will depend on the configuration settings on the device being used and cannot be controlled within the Better Impact software. 

Note: This feature will only work for phone numbers that do not require an additional extension. 

Updated on October 18, 2021

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