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About this feature: The Volunteer News section acts like an electronic bulletin board that volunteers will be able to see directly on their homepage as they log in. This is a great place to post announcements, share the monthly newsletter, and to provide any information that is relevant to volunteers. 

Add/Edit Volunteer News  

  1. Go to Communicate, then click on “News” found in the sidebar 
  1. Click the “Volunteer” tab  
  1. Click the [Add] button if no content exists, or click the [Edit] button to change content 
  1. Enter and format any text, as desired. You can also add images, links and videos
  1. Optional: Check “Show this message to accepted volunteers only” to make content only visible to volunteers with “Accepted” status. 
  1. Optional: Check “Add a scroll bar to the message if it is very long” to keep the section compact 
  1. Optional: Check “Show this message on the Timeclock and Express Timeclock” to display this message to volunteers when they log on to the Timeclock and Express Timeclock 
  1. Click the [Save] button 

Note: This news will display to all volunteers in all accounts (organizations) across your enterprise. Individual accounts can have their own unique message as well.

Delete Volunteer News 

  1. Go to Communicate, then click on “News” found in the sidebar 
  1. Click the “Volunteer” tab 
  1. Click the [Clear] button 
  1. Click the [Clear Message] to confirm 

Note: Once you have cleared the news contents, it cannot be retrieved. 

Updated on March 30, 2021

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