Edit Classification Search Label Settings

  1. Go to: Configuration, then click on “Public Volunteer Page Settings” found in the sidebar under Recruitment 
  1. Scroll down to the “Search Settings” section 
  1. Enter your own text for any/all of the Classification search labels. The default text for each setting is: 
    • Organizations (list of organizations in your enterprise): “Organizations” 
    • Organization Classifications: “Type of Organization” 
    • Communities: “Community” 
    • Activity Classification: “The Type of Task” 
    • Duration Commitment Classification: “For How Long?” 
    • Suitability Classification: “Other Factors” 
    • Time Commitment Classification: “How Often?” 
    • Schedule Classification: “Availability” 
    • Date Range: “When?” 
  1. Select your ‘Default Section‘ (Activities or General Interests under this Classification will be visible from the dropdown list) 
  1. Click the [Save General Settings] button at the top or bottom of the General Setting section 
Updated on March 30, 2021

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