Enterprise: Create an eLearning Module

IMPORTANT: In an Enterprise environment, the eLearning Modules you create will be visible (but not editable) in each of the Organizations in your Enterprise.  If, however, the Qualification that the module represents is not visible in a specific Organization, any eLearning Modules that are associated with that Qualification will not be visible in that Organization. 

About this feature: eLearning Modules help organizations provide training to volunteers in a cost effective and schedule friendly manner. Multiple choice questions and a passing percentage are created to determine the understanding of the material provided to volunteers. A volunteer that successfully completes the module will automatically be assigned the associated qualification level, while those who do not, will be able to retake the module. 
Please note: The qualification will be automatically assigned to the volunteer’s profile, regardless of the permission settings on the qualification, without requiring admin approval.  

  1. Go to: Configuration, then click on “eLearning Modules” found in the sidebar under Resources 
  1. Click the [+ Add New eLearning Module] button at the top or bottom of the page 
  1. eLearning Module: enter a name (maximum 200 characters), visible to volunteers. 
  1. Optional: Enter any Internal Notes about the Module that you only want administrators to see 
  1. Optional: Check the Display box if you want your active eLearning Module to be displayed as a link on the volunteer’s Training page in MyImpactPage.com and the My Impact app. 
    • Select Module status(es) for display 
    • Review: If the Display option is checked, you can check this option to enable volunteers to review completed Modules  
  1. Select the Qualification 
    • TIP: If the Qualification does not yet exist, you can create a new one by clicking the green [+] button 
  1. Select a Qualification Level from the options provided.  
  1. If the Qualification has an expiry date associated: 
    • Enter the Valid For Months number 
    • Enter Retake Days number 
  1. Enter the Passing Score (expressed as a percentage) that a volunteer needs in order to pass the Module.  
    • Once the volunteer has passed the module, associated qualification level will be added to their profile automatically. 
    • If you wish, update the admin email notifications in your profile’s Miscellaneous section, to be notified when a volunteer successfully completes the module 
  1. Optional: Customize the message received by volunteers for Passed, Failed, Inactive or Already Has Qualification status. Default messages are available for all options (view by clicking on the Information icon beside the message option) 
  1. Click the [Save] button 

Updated on June 27, 2022

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